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Thank you to everyone who voted for The Fleshy Fresh and helped us win Best Pop Show on WTBU! We're heading into the final semester of the show, making the Fleshy Fresh the longest running show on WTBU. But not before we wrap things up from this semester.

This semester's last show will be at the usual time, Thursday, 6-8 p.m. You're not going to want to miss it as we leap into the winter break and a new year.
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Upcoming Shows

I know it's been a while since we've had a new post on the blog due to the Thanksgiving holiday, but I promise we'll have more to come soon. In the meantime here is your overview of upcoming shows.

Upcoming Shows

Thursday 12/03
All Time Low
w. Hey Monday
@ House of Blues

Friday 12/04
Passion Pit
w. Spoon, and Phoenix
@ Orpheum

Saturday 12/05
Ted Leo and the Pharmacists
@ Middle East

Monday 12/07
w. Jack’s Mannequin, Motion City Coundtrack
@ Agganis Arena

Wednesday 12/09
@ Paradise Rock Club

Thursday 12/10
Dashboard Confessional
w. New Found Glory
@ Middle East

Friday 12/11
Will Dailey
@ Paradise Rock Club

Girls and Pianos

On last week's show our theme was Girl's Week, as you know. Our Guilty Pleasure from the week was Lady Gaga's Bad Romance. But check out her live performance below...who knew the girl could actually play the piano!

Girls by Girls

This week was Girls Week. So here is the best of the best songs sung by some stunning females. Some of it we played on the show, others are blog-exclusive.

1. Sara Bareilles and Ingrid Michaelson - "Winter Song"
Perhaps one of the best songs about winter. The mood of the song fits the title perfectly. I still get chills listening to it. Go look up the video on YouTube (embedding is disabled).

2. Regina Spektor - "The Call"
This song was not on any of her own records. Rather, it appeared on the soundtrack for The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. It comes in right at the end, as everyone is saying goodbye. And that's what this song is about: how hard it is to say goodbye unless you remember everyone will come together at least once more.

3. Maria Taylor - "Time Lapse Lifeline"
A great song about the fleeting nature of life and time. The best thing about this song? The way that it kicks in.

4. Feist - "My Moon, My Man"
Probably the catchiest song off of The Reminder.

5. Beautiful Small Machines - "Robots In Love"
A catchy, techno-esque song. We're all just robots in love, right?

New Tunes Tuesday - Tegan and Sara

Tegan and Sara released their follow up to The Con, which turned out to be a great album. Consequently, the anticipation for Sainthood was huge, and we expected a lot. Did the twins deliver?

Well, it's different. That's for sure. They sound a little bit angrier (and they were a bit angry to begin with), but the essence is there. That which makes Tegan and Sara Tegan and Sara is still present on Sainthood.

What's different, though, is the sound. It's rougher, and more digital. They have grown from an acoustic indie-rock duo to a well-formulated alternative group. Hopefully they can keep it up.

Below, listen to "Northshore," the seventh track off of Sainthood. The commanding song, which has clear punk rock roots, is everything we liked about Tegan and Sara: intertwined vocal melodies and clear, well articulated emotions, in this case, in the form of imperatives. Enjoy!

Upcoming Shows

The Fleshy Fresh Recommendation: Bob Dylan on Friday, Brand New on Tuesday and Wednesday, and Lenka next Saturday.

Thursday 11/12
Mute Math
w. As Tall As Lions
@ House of Blues

Friday 11/13
Bob Dylan
@ Citi Performing Arts Center

Static of the Gods
@ Middle East Upstairs

Saturday 11/14
Bob Dylan
@ City Performing Arts Center

@ Great Scott

Sunday 11/15
Bob Dylan
@ Citi Performing Arts Center

Tuesday 11/17
Brand New
w. Glassjaw
@ House of Blues

Hit The Lights
@ Harpers Ferry

Wednesday 11/18
Brand new
w. Glassjaw
@ House of Blues

Less Than Jake
w. The Swellers
@ Paradise Rock Club

Friday 11/20
Devandra Banhart
@ Berklee Performance Center

New Tunes Tuesday - Monsters of Folk

Upcoming Concerts

The Fleshy Fresh Recommendation: The Academy Is... on Thursday, Allison Francis on Monday, Bob Dylan next Friday.

Thursday 11/05
AP Tour
Academy Is...
w. Set Your Goals, The Secret Handshake, Mayday Parade
@ House of Blues

w. Jenny Owen Youngs
@ Middle East Downstairs

Monday 11/09
Ada Jane
w. Allison Francis
@ All Asia Cafe

Miley Cyrus
@ TD Banknorth

Rob Thomas
@ Citi Performing Arts Center

w. Uncle Kracker
@ House of Blues

Wednesday 11/11
American Hi-Fi
@ Middle East Upstairs

Thursday 11/12
The Low Anthem
w. Blind Pilot
@ Paradise Rock Club

Mute Math
w. As Tall As Lions
@ House of Blues

Friday 11/13
Bob Dylan
@ Citi Performing Arts Center

Static of the Gods
@ Middle East Upstairs

The Halloween Playlist

For starters, we have to get the classics out of the way: Marilyn Manson's cover of "This is Halloween," Michael Jackson's "Thriller," and maybe even the original Ghostbuster's theme.

But there are some great songs that are perfectly capable of complementing the Halloween classics--even if they weren't made with Halloween in mind. Let's get started...

1. The Used - "Blood On My Hands"
So, the Used are getting a little weird. And by weird, I mean dark. And by dark, I mean creepy. And what's more Halloween than a creepy song about murdering people? Check out the video for "Blood On My Hands" below.

2. The Fashion - "Dead Boys"
In "Dead Boys," this indie-pop band sings about how they're "coming out tonight" and how they used to be "sleeping in the ground." Sounds to me like these are some ZOMBIE dead boys. Take a listen below:

3. Saves the Day - "As Your Ghost Takes Flight"
First, ghosts are scary as hell. But if that wasn't enough, Saves the Day singer Chris Conley sings, "I drink your blood and feel it dripping down my throat as it heads for my heart." Thanks Conley, you're a creep.

4. The Smashing Pumpkins - "The Beginning Is the End Is the Beginning"
Ready for the best association of all time? Ok, so this rarely heard Smashing Pumpkins song was featured in the trailer for The Watchmen and NOTHING is scarier than Dr. Manhattan's giant blue penis. Nothing.

5. The Veils - "Vicious Traditions"
Another movie association. This song came in at the end of the movie Mr. Brooks, just as (spoiler alert!) Kevin Costner got his throat slit and the credits started rolling. It starts of slow with Finn Andrews crooning drowned in heavy reverb. As the drums add in over what was first only a bass and some low guitar, and the lead guitar trickles through, the song climaxes a few minutes in with Andrews belting, "Fight your way out of this one! Fight your way out of this one!" It's like being trapped in a never ending version of Goosebumps with Kevin Costner hunting you down with his gun.

6. Armor For Sleep - "Basement Ghost Singing"
The original idea behind Halloween is Dia De La Muerte, the Day of the Dead. And Armor For Sleep's second album, What To Do When You're Dead, is a guide for being dead. So really, What To Do is a guide to Halloween.

7. Band of Horses - "Is There A Ghost?"
Well, is there? If you consider a bed sheet with holes in it a ghost, then yes.

8. Bat For Lashes - "What's A Girl To Do?"
As I said on the show last night, this is probably one of the creepiest songs I've ever heard. And the video isn't much better. Check it out here (Embedding is disabled).

"Their First Album Was So Much Better"

Everybody loved Taking Back Sunday's Tell All Your Friends, but when they lost two band members and released Where You Want to Be, their fand base was troubled. Message boards were slammed with skepticism about the band's future--even before the record was released. Now, two albums later, the band is still going strong with an avid fan base. However, many people still believe that Tell All Your Friends is the best Taking Back Sunday record of all time.

Taking Back Sunday stands as one example of a band that had it made when they got started, but lost their momentum as their career started up. With that, we introduce this week's theme: "Their First Album Was So Much Better."

So tune in tonight at 6 p.m. (EST) on to follow along as we run through some other bands that started great and then lost it.

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640 AM
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IM: wtburadiodj

Allison Francis

She stands idle and alone at the center of a black stage with an acoustic Fender six-string around her neck. The flashiest apparel she wears is her pair of red and white Nike kicks that walk life into the rest of her otherwise plain outfit: a white T-shirt and jeans. Her physical appearance is unassuming and pure. The look on her face is half mystified and half terrified as she looks out at a sea of people crowding the basement of BU Central. And then she sings, and the depth within Allison Francis is released.

Her voice is rough—like a smoker who has lit enough cigarettes to make her voice warm and scratchy, but not enough to warrant a laryngectomy. She remains humble when the first song ends, saying thank you between sips of her water bottle before quickly launching into the next folk tune.
It is this simple and grateful attitude that sets her apart from an indie-alternative Boston music scene that spins around music snobbery and elitism. What Francis has that the rest are lacking? Authenticity.

Many artists these days spend their time trying to convince other people how ironic their lives are because of how misunderstood they are, says Conor Loughman, the founder of Base Trip Records who signed Francis in the summer of 2008. “There’s a hipster folk scene but I don’t think many of them actually like folk. They’re just trying to be cool,” he said.

The 21-year-old folk singer-songwriter will not admit to being better than the other musicians of her genre, because that would not be her style, and that would not fit her description here. “I think it’s so funny that people take themselves so seriously,” Francis said, and that is about all she has to say on the matter.

Loughman met Allison Francis in a dining hall while she was telling people about her music. While some artists would waste money and time coming up with fancy promotional artwork and designs, she was handing out pieces of paper torn from her notebook with her MySpace address written on them, Loughman said.

In some ways, though, Francis fits the mold perfectly. She presents an alternative image, but only as though it was an accident. She fantasizes about fronting a flashy indie band but worries that it would come across disingenuous. And after spending the entire summer collaborating with other songwriters and playing in parks in and around Boston, she said that she has found new confidence in more natural song writing. “It’s the only way I can really get high these days,” she said.

Despite a more sophisticated musical style and significant street cred among other musicians, Francis is not ashamed to say that she started playing guitar seven years ago because of an obsession with Avril Lavigne—someone to whom most people would not admit listening.

The paradox is thus: she is as much a part of the hipster, indie-folk-rock scene as horn-rimmed glasses and plaid t-shirts, but she sets herself apart from it with her down to earth perspective. The odd thing, Loughman said, is that she is secretly confident. “It’s this weird contrast where she doesn’t think she is better than anyone, but she still knows she is awesome,” he said.

Stephanie Barrak, another singer signed to Base Trip Records describes it as subdued determination. Francis is able to express and share her talent to other people without being overpowering. “Some people whore their music out, but she doesn’t do that,” Barrak said.

The simple fact is that Francis fits into the indie-music scene because that is where she has made friends and set up her life. She enjoys the niche of artists that has cropped up around Boston University, but wishes that there was more of an overlap between genres. “Most people here appreciate good home grown music,” she said, and that is enough to satisfy her.

It is clear, though, that Francis’ relationship with music is more than one of appreciation. “I think music can connect with people in their soul almost. It connects with emotions that they’re not necessarily even conscious of or in touch with,” she said.

Jennifer Brown, the music director at WTBU, Boston University’s student-run radio station, said that Francis offers more than the average indie musician and has the opportunity to fill a void in the music industry that is lacking a female folk musician like her. “She captures something real about the way human beings are,” she said. “She’s not afraid to show who she is in her lyrics and to put it all out there.”

Francis does not have much to say about all of this except that she has nothing to hide. “I do not usually try and disguise what I am saying in my songs.” She insists that music will always be a part of her life and if she is able to make a career out of it then that is just an added bonus. “I just want to make music that connects on a really personal level with people.”

Back at BU Central, the cluster of people who have gathered to see Francis play sit on the floor in total silence, taking in every word out of her mouth and every chord from her guitar. The room is comfortable, like a gathering of friends enjoying some honest music. “I liked that one,” someone comments between songs. Clearly, connecting with people is something that she can check off of her bucket list.

Allison Francis Live

Tomorrow on the Fleshy Fresh Allison Francis will be in the studio for a live performance and a chat. She has come to visit us before, and as always, it should be an exciting adventure. So you know what's in store, check out her myspace:

Tomorrow's show: 6-8 p.m. BUTV Channel 6

Jeremy Messersmith Video

New Tunes Tuesday - Monsters of Folk

If you've been listening to the Fleshy Fresh lately you've probably heard The Monsters of Folk. They are the musical collaboration between Conor Oberst (Bright Eyes), M. Ward (of...himself), Yim Yames (My Morning Jacket) and Mike Mogis (Bright Eyes/Saddle Creek Recording Producer/Genius behind the early Bright Eyes records). I wish I knew more about how this project got started. I'm more concerned with the music that comes out of it. It sounds a lot like the latest Conor Oberst album. Anyway, their record, Monsters of Folk, was just released. Listen to "Say Please" below. I think you'll enjoy, it's my favorite so far.

Kanye West...

In case you're wondering The Fleshy Fresh's official stance on Kanye West...I hate him.

Play Games at AddictingGames

Show Re-Cap

Ben Folds
@ Lizard Lounge

Ben Folds
@ Symphony Hall

Jay Reatard
@ Harpers Ferry

Brandi Carlile
@ House of Blues

w. The Ting Tings
@ TD Banknorth

Michael Jackson Tribute Concert
@ BU Central

The Honorary Title
@ Harpers Ferry

Allison Francis
@ BU Central

Every Time I Die
w. The Architects, Bring Me the Horizon
@ House of Blues

Relient K
w. Barcelona, Copeland
@ Paradise Rock Club

Senses Fail
@ Harpers Ferry

The Bravery
@ House of Blues

Built To Spill
@ Middle East Downstairs

New Tunes Tuesday - Paramore

Today, Paramore released their new record, Brand New Eyes. So it's only fitting that, as today is New Tunes Tuesday, we share some new Paramore music.

The track below is "The Only Exception" and it's a bit different than what you might be used to from this pop-rock band out of Tennessee. It is mostly acoustic with some ringing instrumental melodies. Hayley Williams sings about how she didn't believe in love. That is, until recently--until meeting that right person. It's that person who is the only exception.

Check it out and share it with your friends, if you like it.

Michael Jackson

New Tunes Tuesday - AFI

AFI let out a new song from their upcoming album Crash Love called "Fainting Spells." I played it for the first time on our last broadcast of the Fleshy Fresh last Thursday. Listen to it below and let me know what you think. Sounds like good ol' fashioned AFI to me.

Show Re-Cap

The Fleshy Flashback: "Girl All the Bad Guys Want" by Bowling for Soup

Love Is For Losers: "No Regrets" by Divit

Countdown to Blink 182: "Easy Target"

Dear Jack

The incredibly true story of Andrew McMahon:

With Every Day

With Every Day

I had a dream when I was only 9
I'd be a pitcher for the Braves
And they'd pull me from the bullpen
Every time they need a save
But that all changed
When I discovered I
I couldn't throw a strike to save my life
And now the only save i make is in my wallet every night.

i had a dream when i was 17
i'd be a rockstar and i'd know
what the women taste like
in every city that i'd go
But that all changed
When I woke up one day
And found I lost my voice
Now I write shitty poetry
'cause it's my only choice.

I had a dream when I turned 21
I'd finally see the end
Of everything I'm supposed to want
And a big and comfortable bed
But it's a lie.
I only made it up and left it in my head
So I could feel A little better
With every day I wasn't dead.

Philosophical Ignorance

Tomorrow marks the introduction of a new segment: "Moment of Brilliance." In this segment we will discuss some of the hot issues in modern philosophy. If you have something you want to talk about give us a call on the air: 617-353-6400. Need ideas? Check out Pierre's Cafe.

Since the Fleshy Fresh Moment of Brilliance has yet to come, let's watch a live video of Paramore playing "Ignorance."

New Tunes Tuesday - Dave Smallen (Again)

I really think this guy deserves all the attention he can get.

Someone Should Assassinate Kanye West

Unsigned Artist of the Week

Last Thursday, we had a great show. We reminisced with "Carousel" as our Countdown to Blink 182 and got angry along with Bayside and their song, "Guardrail," reminding us that Love is For Losers. We also played some new music from AFI and Paramore.

We ended the show with our Unsigned Artist of the Week. However, this week's artist just got signed a few months ago. So, we'll call them our "as-of-now-undiscovered-but-soon-to-be-huge artist of the week." I say that because they're scheduled to go on tour with Paramore this fall and so far nearly the entire tour is sold out (including at the Boston House of Blues--fuck!).

From Fenton, Michigan, these four kids are down to earth, middle-american dudes. Watch one of their youtube videos where they just screw around, and you'll fall in love with their personalities before you even listen to their music.

Fans of The Gaslight Anthem and Bruce Springsteen's rougher edge ought to love The Swellers for their blue-collar, hard-working punk rock.

Get started with their myspace,, and listen to "Welcome Back Riders." Then, take a trip back to their beginning days with their song "Bottles": watch the music video here.

New Tunes Tuesday/Unsigned Artist of the Week

This is Chad. Chad is Emperor X and Emperor X is awesome. Emperor X is our Unsigned Artist of the Week from our show last Thursday. Let's learn a little bit about Emperor X.

The first time I saw Chad Matheny play was this past summer at a house show near Boston College. We stood in a dingy basement light by one half-functioning strobe light and drank PBR sold (no doubt illegally) for $1. The room was littered with garbage, odd markings on the cement floor and large, stone walls, and a few questionable pieces of furniture--like a half-destroyed mattress and a rocking chair deco-ed with bottle caps. No matter the atmosphere, nor his surroundings, Chad knew how to get people excited.

He gave no introduction until the end of his set. He and Jeremy from Pretty & Nice just started singing--or kind of yelling, for that matter. It immediately grabbed your attention. Anyone who had a tall PBR can to their lips immediately stopped chugging, mesmerized by the passion and the intensity booming from the center of the room. Emperor X strummed on his weary acoustic guitar faster and harder than I've seen, and filled the neighborhood with his heavy voice, despite his relatively small body.

If he is to be compared to anyone, it must be said that he is the Ben Folds of acoustic guitar. He's got some heavy hardware on his eyes, and he doesn't fit into the mold of the picturesque singer/song-writer or rockstar. He's got some quirks, but they are quickly overlooked by his stellar performance ability and songwriting. Needless to say, I came away a fan.

Here's a video of Emperor X playing "Raytracer," one of my favorites, at some park somewhere in America. Elliott Smith fans--watch out for the Either/Or reference.

Also, go check out his website,, where you can download some songs off the several albums and EPs he's put out over the past few years.

Show Re-cap

The Fleshy Flashback: "Memory" by Sugarcult (
Love is for Losers: "Jude Law and a Semester Abroad" by Brand New (
Countdown to Blink: "Rock Show" by Blink 182 (
Unsigned Artist of the Week: Emperor X and his songs, "Citizens of Wichita," "Raytracer," and Go-captain and Pin Lighter." More on Emperor X to come, stay tuned! (

New Tunes Tuesday - Giant Drag

I haven't heard from this band in a very, very long time. So, it is with great joy that I re-introduce Giant Drag, the musical collaboration between vocalist/guitarist Annie Hardy and drummer/synth player, Micah Calabrese.

This is not pop music! It's probably best that you know that going into it. Scroll down and check out the video, which perfectly mirrors the song by Giant Drag and the genre that they fall into. What I'm talking about is hard to describe, but I think the words melancholy disasterpiece might do it some justice. It's rough, it's got an edge, but it's also haunting and addicting. You can hear real desperation in Hardy's voice, and I think the video does an excellent job putting that feeling--when everything seems to be slowly, beautifully falling apart--into moving pictures.

Giant Drag released a full record a few years ago called Hearts and Unicorns, and I absolutely recommend it. You can watch the music video for the single off of Hearts, "This Isn't It," right here.

As for now, check out the new music video. The song is called "Stuff to Live For" and it will be out on the Swan Song EP in October.

Stuff to Live For from G.J. Echternkamp on Vimeo.

New Show Date and Time (and a Paramore Video)


The Fleshy Fresh will air this semester from 6 to 8 p.m. every Thursday on WTBU.

In case you forget, this is how you listen:
BUTV Channel 6
89.3 FM
640 AM

Also, here is the new music video for Paramore's "Ignorance." I don't think this band can do anything wrong.

Help, I'm Alive - Metric

Emily Haines and James Shaw of Metric dropped by not too long ago to perform a live, acoustic, in-studio session. I recommend clicking this link and watching them play "Help, I'm Alive," off of their latest album, Fantasies. You can also watch the two of them play "Gimme Sympathy." But the first is a true specialty, marked by the addition of piano part, which is the way Haines originally wrote the song. It is hauntingly delcious. Or deliciously haunting. Whatever.

New Tunes Tuesday (AKA Way Late Wednesday)

I'm sorry. Tuesday disappeared in my life. I have no recollection of it. And somehow it is Wednesday already. Well, it's ok, I still got something for you.

This isn't that new. But Paramore put out a new single relatively recently. It is called "Ignorance," though I must say, I'm not exactly sure why. There is a point in the song where Hayley Williams sings, "Ignorance is your new best friend." But how she got to that conclusion, I'm not really sure.

But we don't enjoy Paramore for their logic. We enjoy them for their music; their catchy, but still heavy, pop-rock.

Anyways, down to the point. There is a video below--not the official music video--that contains the song we're talking about. Give it a listen. If you're a Paramore fan I foresee pleasure in your future. If you are not yet a Paramore fan, I foresee a pleasant surprise in your future.

Until next time,

- Jgerbs

Worthless Self-Promotion

Go to to download my new EP, All I've Got.

Oh, and yeah, it's free.

- Joey

New Tunes Tuesday: The Many Colors of Dave Smallen

Since the last time I mentioned good ol' Dave on this site, he has released TWO new songs. Oh my, we need to catch up more than Helen Keller in music class.

The first is entitled, "All My Life" and can be heard here. With a synth-pop sound in its rocket-launching intro, it stands out from the other songs that made the Waiting for the Pills EP, but with the same peppy-ness, backbone, and perfect blend of acoustic-rock that is Dave Smallen.

This is what Smallen has to say about the second song, "With the Sky All Blue": "Wrote this song for a Crayola commercial and it was rejected for being 'too dark.'" Click here to figure out what he means.

Blind Meter

"What it is and where it stops nobody knows.

You gave me a life I never chose.

I wanna leave but the world won't let me go."

New Tunes on Tuesday

Panic! At The Disco have a new single. It's called "New Perspective" and, considering that their last record made the Fleshy Fresh's Worst Records of 2008, a new perspective is probably a good thing.

Instead of trying to sound like the Beatles, this song feels less forced than Pretty Odd. In fact, I'm gonna go listen to it again. If you want to come a long, click here. Keep it up, kids.

In less poppy-mass-produced news, Dr. Manhattan also has a new song out. Seeing as how they made The Fleshy Fresh's Best Records of 2008, I think it's worth taking a look at. Go to the their myspace, here.

Their new record, Jam Dreams, comes out August 18th.

God I love this music video.


Unsigned Artist Re-cap

Every week we featured an undiscovered musical artist. Here is our list from this semester (in no particular order):

Kevin Devine (
Audrye Sessions (
Dave Smallen (,
Spitzer Space Telescope (
Your Sweet Uncertainty (
Progress In Color (
Jenny Owen Youngs (
Sean Fournier (
Ingrid Michaelson (

On To the Summer

From our last show:

The Fleshy Flashback: Matchbox Twenty - "Unwell" (I should have played this song instead)
Countdown to Blink: "Here's Your Letter"
Countdown to TBS: "New Again" and "Sink Into Me"
Love Is For Losers: The Clap - "In My Sights"

Check out the new Taking Back Sunday music video here.
MTV is streaming the new Green Day rock opera. Check it out here.

Thank you to everyone who tuned in over the course of this semester. We'll be back on the air in September, but the blog will stay up and running all summer, so don't go anywhere!

The Last Show of the Year

The very last show of the Spring 2009 semester is airing today on

Tune in at 4 p.m. to hear our re-cap of the semester. We'll talk about our guests, our unsigned artists, and whatever else we feel like.

The blog will still be up and updated frequently over the summer. So don't go anywhere.

4-6 p.m. IM us: wtburadiodj

Maria Taylor Doesn't Even Care About This Interview...

ALLSTON, Mass.—The last time Maria Taylor came to the Boston area she brought a completely different band, she had a completely different record to promote and she played at a very different venue. While so much has changed since her visit last June, one thing has stayed the same the entire time: it is, and always has been all about the music.

The 32-year-old singer-songwriter played to a hefty crowd at the Great Scott in Allston last Tuesday night on a tour that will take her through New York City before she heads back home to Los Angeles. In a quick interview before her headlining performance, Taylor spoke about how this tour has been fun, how the economy has changed the music industry, and how, at the end of the day, nothing is more important than the music she makes.

“There’s just this different thing,” Taylor started off, with a smile on her face and a vodka and soda water in her hand. “Usually I have fun on tour but there’s a side of me that gets stressed out. There has been no
stress and no tension,” she said.
Much of the added relief this time around is due to the company she has with her on this tour. Whispertown2000, also from Los Angeles, are an indie-band with whom Taylor has a long history. The two bands share several band members, making for a very tightly knit group. Among them are Morgan Nagler, Whispertown2000 lead singer, who affirmed, “We are all in love with each other.”

Taylor brings different people on tour every time. She says that if she is going to play music as a solo musician she sees no reason to keep herself around the same people all the time. “For one, I have so many friends that don’t get to travel like I do. I want them to see what I get to see. And for me it just makes it more fun so I’m not around the same people,” she explains.

The mixing of members also does something for the music. “Every tour sounds different because people add their personalities [to the songs],” Taylor said. It also helps to keep things fresh to a young woman who has been playing some of the same songs since the release of her first solo album, “11:11,” in 2005. “When it came to ‘Song Beneath the Song,’ I was like, ‘we have to change it.’ So we changed the key and I told people to play whatever they want during the interlude,” she said.

Despite the need for a mix-up every now and then, the music still holds a personal connection with the Birmingham, Alabama native. “I have my babies,” she says, speaking of her favorite songs, “and I’m so emotionally attached to them.”

She wastes no time writing music, immediately tossing out ideas for songs that she doesn’t like. “There are some people who have 20 songs [on a record] and they don’t care for some of them. Pretty much every song I have I put on a record,” she said.

It’s this kind of love for her music that keeps Taylor writing music, going on tour, and playing the “game” she calls the music industry. In a tough economy, Taylor maintains that there is nothing else for her to do, despite that she expects to make less money on this tour than on past tours. “It’s weird,” she says. “’Cause you want to progress in your career, you know?”
Taylor’s manager insisted that she take a tour manager along with her on this tour. She says that she has so much fun on tour that she often forgets to get paid.

“This is absolutely what I would do for fun and that still amazes me. And sometimes I feel like I don’t take it as seriously as I need to ‘cause it’s my job and my career and I don’t have a family to fall back on. I need to grow up,” she confesses.

Not every day is a walk in the park, though. There is an aspect of her career that she has no taste for: the music industry. “My whole thing with this industry is that I love music and I want to be a part of it but the industry grosses me out. I have to play the game a little bit but I don’t want to,” she says. Little attention is paid to album sales, profits made, or ranks on billboard charts. “I don’t give a shit,” she says with a smirk on her face. “I don’t even care about this interview.”

Just before it’s time for Taylor to take her place on the stage, she pauses for a picture with two fans—a debacle in which Taylor insisted that the picture be taken several times. “I look so drunk!” she says. “We have to do it again.”

As the lights dim and the house music is cut any signs of inebriation are far from noticeable. The small room is filled with cheers and screams while camera flashes light up the air previously lit by only the neon beer signs that line the rustic brick walls. Drunk or not, Taylor affirms what she said in the interview: she is overcome by an honest look of pure contentment. The night ends with a Whispertown2000-Maria Taylor collaboration and a rousing round of “Happy Birthday” to Casey Wisenbaker, who played drums for the majority of the night.

There is a definitive atmosphere in the room that Taylor predicted before taking up her spot behind the microphone. “People come in and you feel the energy and then every song is like a different song every time.” Even without such an atmosphere, though, it’s clear that she would be set back only very little. “Even if no one was here, though, we would be having a great time,” she says. “That’s how you know it’s going to be a great tour: even if no one comes, we just have fun with each other.”

The Economy and the Music Industry

ALLSTON, Mass.—One thing is clear about the state of the economy in the United States: business is down and people are spending less and saving more. In the music industry, though, the change may not be as obvious or predictable as expected.

Morgan Nagler, lead singer for Whispertown2000, an indie-rock band out of Los Angeles, spoke about the current economic climate on Tuesday before playing at the Great Scott in Allston.

As [the economy] gets worse the arts and entertainment become more important to people,” Nagler said. “People are struggling and it’s important to connect to people in the world and share your experience right now.”

This is all part of what Nagler called the “economic backlash” in which people come together to unite in their troubles. However, her suggestions do not mean that this is the time to drop out of high school and start a band. Tod Adrian, guitarist, bassist and drummer of Whispertown2000, says that they expect the same profits from this tour as tours in the past.

“There are definitely more people coming to shows, and that’s partly due to the fact that we’re still a new band and we’re still getting more fans.”

To Adrian and Nagler, having more people at their shows across the country does not add up to more income. When asked about financing the tour, Adrian says this tour has been what they expected.

“I want to say normal just because more people know who we are than on our last tour. I don’t know if more people are buying shirts and stuff. Gas is $2 cheaper than last time. Mostly just our personal finances are different, which is what everyone is thinking about.”

Things look different for a band that isn’t just getting their feet wet and has been firmly planted in the music industry for some time. Maria Taylor, who headlined the show at the Great Scott on Tuesday, said that this tour has been noticeably different.

“I’ll make less money on this tour, which is kind of weird because you want to make progress,” the 32-year-old singer-songwriter said.

Taylor, who got her start in the Omaha music scene as a part of the duo Azure Ray, is used to a certain amount of fan support that may not be as strong as it used to be. “Even for shows people want to see, they’re like, ‘oh, I’ll see her next time because I have no money.’”

Despite less fan support, Taylor is still in it for the long haul. “My whole thing with this industry is that I love music and I want to be a part of it; but the industry grosses me out. I have to play the game a little bit even though I don’t want to.”

Maria Taylor and Whispertown2000 are saving money on this tour by being resourceful. The two bands share members as well as a tour van that holds all 9 people. Less band members means their paychecks get split fewer ways. It is by no means the famed life of a rock star that the public admires, but it isn’t a poor man’s life either.

“We have gotten to a point where you can’t sleep on couches every night. This is our life and we’re adults,” insists Adrian.

Though this tour may not have accrued the same number of fans Maria Taylor is used to on her cross-country musical voyages, the concert at the Great Scott may have marked the backlash that Nagler foresees. The venue filled almost to capacity with an enthusiastic and engaging crowd by the time Taylor took the stage. Nearly every voice in the small venue—lit only by the neon beer signs that hang on the brick walls—was singing along to every song, including those off of Taylor’s latest album, Ladyluck, which came out only two weeks ago. Just before midnight, Taylor stopped in the middle of her last song, in order to lead the audience in a round of “Happy Birthday” for Casey Wisenbaker, the drummer for her and Whispertown2000.

Even if such a backlash doesn’t occur, it seems to be of little importance to Maria Taylor and her friends in Whispertown2000. “Even if no one came we would be having a great time,” Taylor said. “That’s how you know it’s going to be a great tour, because we just have fun with each other.”

Today and Tomorrow, Tonight and Forever

Looking for something to do tonight? BU student and folk musician Spitzer Space Telescope is playing at the Morse Auditorium to celebrate the release of his full length album. Doors open at 6 p.m.
Facebook event here.
Spitzer Space Telescope here.

If you can't make it, don't worry. Spitzer will be on the show tomorrow. So don't forget to tune into between 4-6 p.m.

Mondays Become Thursdays

Because of Marathon Monday, the Fleshy Fresh will not air tomorrow. Instead, it will air on Thursday at its usual time (4-6 p.m.).

Now, my hope is that you've seen this video already. It's gotten millions upon millions of views. If you haven't, then promise me you'll watch the entire thing. Ok? Ok.

(They won't let me embed the video, but there's the link: here).

Unsigned Artist of the Week: Jenny Owen Youngs

If you've been with the Fleshy Fresh since before this blog originated, then you'll notice that I'm cheating. Jenny Owen Youngs has already been our Unsigned Artist of the Week. But if you haven't, well, you wouldn't know that if I didn't just tell it to you. Anyways, who's to say that she doesn't deserve a little extra attention via the internet?

It is my understanding that Jenny is in fact signed, but really, who gives a shit. Just check her out.

Jenny just put out a new EP, Led to the Sea. What people loved about her previous release Batten the Hatches is still there: her voice is delicate but ear-piercing; her words are insightful; and the actual music--it's pretty damn catchy if I do say so myself.

Led to the Sea may not be as blatant or straightforward as Batten the Hatches, but what she lacks in word choice she makes up for with solid song composure. The arrangement of her songs is more sophisticated and elegant. It's no surprise that this 27-year-old, New Jersey-native is making ripples in the land of female indie singer-songwriters.

"Led to the Sea" is clearly the best song on the 4-track EP, and you can listen to it if you go to her myspace: However, "Nighty Night" (which you can also hear on her myspace) comes in a close second, reminscent of Imogen Heap's "Hide and Seek." To get the last two songs on the collection you're gonna have to head over to her page on iTunes and download the thing. Trust me, it's worth the 4 bucks.

Show Re-cap, Maria Taylor, and Making the Time Pass By

Hi Peeps. Here's the rundown for yesterday's show:

TBS Countdown: "Cute Without the e (Acoustic)" from Punk Goes Acoustic Vol. 1
Countdown to Blink: Reckless Abandon from Take off Your Pants and Jacket
Love is for Losers: Maria Digby - "Girlfriend"
Fleshy Flashback: June - "If Kenneth Could Speak"

Our unsigned artist of the week was none other than the lovely Jenny Owen Youngs. She put out a new EP called Led To the Sea. We'll have more on her later, but until then, stop by her website and visit her on iTunes.

Also, for your viewing pleasure, and in honor of Maria Taylor's show at the Great Scott tomorrow night, here is her video for "Time Lapse Lifeline." Got any questions you want answered by MT? Let me know!

It's a good time to be a BU student

Also, don't forget about the show tomorrow!
4 p.m.

Everyone. Everywhere. Dance!

BU Hockey

If you don't like BU Hockey you aren't a real BU student.

The Pills Have Finally Kicked In

In case you haven't noticed, I love talking about Dave Smallen. He was our unsigned artist several weeks ago, but he keeps giving me more things to share with you.

As I mentioned before, he is releasing each track off his latest record one at a time. The newest addition to an already superb collection of songs: "Waiting For the Pills."

I've seen Mr. Smallen play this live, and ever since I've been anxiously waiting for him to share this with the world. And sharing it is exactly what he's doing; for the song is available as a free download on his site during the month of April. Don't miss this opportunity!

If you do download it for free, do him a favor and spread the word. Good musicians like him deserve attention and recognition.

Listen to the song here.

The Last Lecture

Tune in tomorrow for Intern Take-over Day!

For those of you on or around the campus of Boston University:

Dr. Doe West: The Last Lecture

The inaugural event for this annual series, hosted by the Undergraduate Psychology Association, invites a faculty member to come give a lecture with the premise: "If you knew you only had one last lecture to give, what would you say?"

This year, we welcome Doe West to the stage. This event will be a great opportunity to hear from a truly remarkable and inspiring woman.

Admission is free, but the speaker suggests bringing a small donation to be given to local domestic violence shelters. We hope to see you there. Doors open at 6:30PM.

Partially funded by your Undergraduate Student Fee.
7:00pm on Wednesday, April 8th 2009
End Time
Photonics Center - PHO 206 (8 St. Mary's Street)
Undergraduate Psychology Association
Sponsored By
Undergraduate Psychology Association

Wild Things Are Where?

Thank you to our musical guest on Monday, Allison Francis! We did record the performance so you'll be able to hear it soon.

Next Monday is Intern Take-over Day! So Shareen and Brian will be running the show. It's bound to be interesting, to say the least.

Here is something that makes my heart sing with anticipation and joy. If something sounds familiar, it's probably "Wake Up" by the Arcade Fire.


This says it all:

Unsigned Artist of the Week: Progress In Color

If you're thinking that the people in this picture look like only a couple of little kids, you're gonna be really surprised when you listen to their music.

The four members that make up Progress In Color are from Oklahoma, but you wouldn't think so listening to their music. There are no country roots, no head-exploding twangs, and no talk about lost trucks, girlfriends, or dead dogs.

What's amazing is the following these kids have received. Thank you YouTube and Myspace. Their following, though, is not unfounded. They manage a crafty blend of music that is both catchy and insightful. Thanks to their singer, Caleb, the smooth sound of his vocals perfectly compliments the relaxing, mood-setting tone created by the rest of the band members.

You can stop by their myspace if you like, but honestly, their best songs aren't up there. Below is "It's A Plague." You'd be a fool not to watch the video. This link goes to another of their songs, "Breathing," also worth listening to. And while you're at youtube, check out their Cutting Crew cover of "(I Just) Died In Your Arms."

Show Re-cap 3/23/09

Here's the quick stuff. I'll post more later.

Countdown to Taking Back Sunday's New Again: "You Know How I Do" (the video is an awesome acoustic version.
Countdown to Blink: "All the Small Things."
The Fleshy Flashback: Something Corporate - "Woke Up In a Car."
Love is for Losers: Something Corporate - "Drunk Girl."

Did you know that it's possible to fall from an airplane and survive? People have done it, I swear. Check it out. But don't try it. Until we speak next, enjoy this video with the song, "I'm Safer In an Airplane" by Copeland.


So, as some of you may know, I am the Assistant General Manager of WTBU, the glorious radio station on which the Fleshy Fresh airs. One of my responsibilities as the Ass GM (as I like to call myself) is to be the bright and shining face of the station, a job I love very much (not really). So, when the Community Service Center came to us, as they do every year, looking for us to provide them with dates to be auctioned off, I was, naturally, one of the people chosen to sell my soul for a few bucks.

Here's a picture of me and my good friend Mike Carlos, who will also be whoring it up for charity:

Mike and I are not the only ones, however! If you don't want to pay five bucks for a date with me or Mike (though, I don't know how you could want someone else after seeing the above picture), then here is the list of everyone being auctioned off:

COM Dean - Dean Berkovitz
Brian Fadem (the hot dog--as in, the hot dog and jesus)
Joseph Alexander Rudolph Gerber III
Ross Lichtenberg
Rob Uslan
Michael Carlos
Jen Brown
Katie Latta
Katie Curtin
Vanessa Escobar
Robina Moyer
Ashley Lagas
Sam Kuttner
Zach Kohn
Dan McDade
Noah Wager
Jess Tannhauser
Anne Hetherington
Mark Foelster

If you don't know who a lot of these people are, facebook stalk them or something. You could go all out and have a reconnaissance thing going on and then come to the Date Auction all prepared, knowing exactly whose pants you want to get into. Just a thought.

Here are the details:

This Thursday, March 26th
7:30 p.m.
Conference Auditorium (2nd Floor of the GSU).

Bring a buck or two.

If you want to join the facebook event, click here.

Allison Francis Re-scheduled

Unfortunately, Allison Francis will not be joining us tomorrow on The Fleshy Fresh. However, she will grace us with her presence next Monday, March 30th.

We still have a good show lined up for you tomorrow. Until then, check out this eerie song by Sufjan Stevens about a serial killer in Illinois.

Unsigned Artist of the Week: Sean Fournier

Sean Fournier is a nice guy. He's a really really nice guy. He recorded an album and now he's giving it away for free. In fact, all you need to do (and what you really should do) is go to his website,, submit your email address and download Oh My right now. It is absolutely worth the space on your hard drive.

There really isn't a bad song out of the collection of indie-pop songs Fournier has written, but the highlights are "Another Like You," "Hurricane," and "Goodbye."

If you're not willing to sacrifice the space on your computer without listening to if first then head to his myspace:

Give it a shot. Would I ever lead you astray?

The Home Stretch

Can you believe that we only have a handful of shows left before this semester is over? Cause I can't. Every day seems like an eternity. Our futile existence will never end! Alas, that is not true, our end is sight.

Anyways, here's a re-cap of our show from today. Next week: Allison Francis! And our new segment (stay tuned...oh snap!).

Blink 182 Countdown: Enema of the State's "Going Away to College"
The Fleshy Flashback: Death Cab For Cutie - "Title and Registration"
Love is for Losers: Bright Eyes - "Lover I Don't Have to Love"
Unsigned Artist of the Week: Sean Fournier (more to come).

Keep it fresh. Keep your flesh.

Monday Eyes

It has been two weeks since The Fleshy Fresh has aired. Last week was spring break and the week before that BU had a snow day; hence, everything was shut down, even programming at WTBU.

Nowadays, people have the attention span of a goldfish, so I'm sure that in just two weeks you've forgotten about us. But we haven't forgotten about you.

Tomorrow we return. Tomorrow we start the turn around 3rd base, we start the final boarding call, we turn the key as we power our way through the end of the semester and this school year. So don't miss it.

Mondays, 4-6 p.m.
89.3 fm
640 am
IM us!: WTBUradioDJ

Katie Uva Video

Well, it took me forever, but I finally got this video up.

A few weeks ago, the lovely Katie Uva came and paid us a visit on the Fleshy Fresh. She played three songs for us. In this video are two of those songs and some annoying banter on my part in the middle. Enjoy!

Katie Uva on the Fleshy Fresh - Jgerbs

Dave Smallen Follow-Up

Remember Dave Smallen? He was our Unsigned Artist of the Week a few weeks ago.

He's doing an interesting thing. He's decided to release his CD that he recently recorded one track at a time. And you can pick your price per track!

Head on over to this page on his website and you can hear the song and download it if you like.

Like most of his stuff, it's pretty banging. So, I suggest you check it out.

And all those photos you see (including the one in this post) are all pieces of art that he makes himself. What a talented guy.

Unsigned Artist of (Last) Week: Your Sweet Uncertainty

I know, I know. Your Sweet Uncertainty could be one of the worst band names in the history of band names. Even Fucked Up is a better band name.

However, give YSU a listen and you'll see that their talent isn't in naming things (God help their children), but rather in making music.

Your Sweet Uncertainty was founded after the death of The Early November. We all know that Ace went on to create Ace Enders and a Million Different People. I can tell you who isn't one of those one million people: Jeff Kummer.

Jeff was the drummer of The Early November and when they split, he went to his boys from the good ol' days: Grace Period. The band had to change their name, and so they came up with Your Sweet Uncertainty (Grace Period was SO much better).

So, to the point: their tunes. If you head to their myspace, start with these two songs: "Hey Baby," and "Thoughts of Time." I'm afraid that if you don't, you might find the singer's voice really annoying. These two will ease you into it.

There's not much else to say about this band, but if you're a fan of The Early November, Sherwood, and crazy drummers who like getting their ass shaved (I'll give you a dollar if you know what I'm talking about), then you'll probably like Your Sweet Uncertainty.

100 Bands You Ought to Know

I highly suggest that you go to your nearest bookstore, newspaper stand, record shop, or wherever it is you like to get magazines and pick up the latest issue of Alternative Press. They've come out with their 100 Bands to watch in 2009 and it's quite the rundown. Don't miss out.


Show Re-cap 2/23/09

So here's the skinny:

Unsigned Artist of the Week: Your Sweet Uncertainty (more to come later).
The Fleshy Flashback: Taking Back Sunday - Cute Without the 'E' (Cut From the Team) (screw them for taking their music video off of youtube).
Love is For Losers: Against Me! - Cavalier Eternal.
Blink 182 Countdown: What's My Age Again.

Next week's tentative musical guest: Allison Francis!

Here's the beats. Can you tell where a drastic change occurred?

1. Loquat - Harder Hit
2. Beautiful Small Machines - Robots In Love
3. Brand New - Logan to Government Center
4. Les Fleur De Lis - Hold On
5. Blink 182 - What's My Age Again
6. Cursive - Some Red Handed Sleight Of Hand
7. Ben Kweller - Fight
8. Beck - Paper Tiger
9. Taking Back Sunday - Cute Without the E
10. Thursday - In Silence
11. Street To Nowhere - Screamin
12. Against Me! - Screaming
13. Your Sweet Uncertainty - Hey Baby
14. Your Sweet Uncertainty - Thoughts of Time
15. Silversun Pickups - Rusted Wheel
16. Fratellis - Everybody Knows you Cried Last Night
17. Supergrass - Alright
18. Pulp - Disco 2000
19. Blondie - Heart of Glass
20. The Virgins - Rich Girls
21. Prince Far I - Foundation Stepper
22. Peter Tosh - No Sympathy

Unsigned Artist of the Week: Dave Smallen

The first time I saw Dave Smallen perform was in 2007. He was on tour with his band Street To Nowhere, for which he was the lead-singer, and they were opening for Straylight Run at a now-demolished venue in Boston near Fenway Park. Now, I've seen my fair share of concerts, so I know what a good opening band is and I know what a piss-poor opening band is. Let me tell you that Street To Nowhere is a great opening band. I still remember exactly the way they launched into their first song and which song it was: "Screaming," off of their debut album Charmingly Awkward.

Unfortunately, Street To Nowhere is no longer a band. I don't know the full details about the break-up, but the important thing is that Dave Smallen maintained all the rights to the album (which has some great songs on it) and is continuing on his own.

Not long ago, Smallen released his first single: "America." The song has a strong message that outlines his frustrations with society as it is in this country. Apart from being politically fiery, Smallen's music is poignant and honest, sometimes to the point of brutality. He is most easily compared to Conor Oberst because of the way that his voice often passionately quivers giving his songs that edge; you know that way that Bright Eyes songs are more about the feeling than the's like that, but usually more easy on the ears.

If you go to his myspace you will find a Leonard Cohen cover, his single, and a number of songs from the Street To Nowhere days (check out "They're Not Like Us" and "Tipsy"). Go to his website to download "America" for free. Oh, and don't miss this internet-savvy guy's blog.

Tuesday Show Re-cap

Greetings. I hope this finds you in good health. If you missed Tuesday's show, don't feel bad. The change in schedules confuses even me. Here's the quick re-cap. We'll touch on some of the finer points a little bit later.

In studio performance by Katie Uva (I will post videos later!).
Unsigned Artist of the Week: Dave Smallen (more information on him later).
The Fleshy Flashback: "Around the World" by ATC and "Tubthumping" by Chumbawamba
Love is For Losers: "Instant Pleasure" by Rufus Wainwright

Below is the playlist for the show in case there was something you liked and want to find. Stay tuned, much more to come!

1. Jack's Mannequin - Dark Blue
2. Loquat - Harder Hit
3. Michael Jackson - Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough
4. Chumbawamba - Tubthumping
5. ATC - Around the World
6. Fountains of Wayne - Sink to the Bottom
7. MGMT - Electric Eel
8. Carolina Liar - I'm Not Over
9. Brighten - Ready When You Are
10. Sara Bareilles (with Ingrid Michaelson) - Winter Song
11. The Kinks - Waterloo Sunset
12. The Honorary Title - Apologize
13. Sea Wolf - Winter Windows
14. Rufus Wainwright - Instant Pleausre
15. Conor Oberst - Milk Thistle
16. Dave Smallen - America
17. Dave Smallen - They're Not Like Us
18. Northstar - Rigged and Ready
19. Hollis Brown - Passin' Me By
20. Blink 182 - Down

Mondays Become Tuesdays

First off, let's talk about scheduling...

If Boston University was a human being, it would be a really arrogant human being who thinks that the world revolves around him. Probably a jock of some sort (most likely a hockey player) with an over-inflated ego. I say this because Boston University thinks it has the power to change what day it is. Oh, tomorrow's a Monday, right? WRONG. In the world of BU, tomorrow is a Tuesday; and yes, Tuesday is a Monday. SO....

That means that this week's Fleshy Fresh will air on Tuesday, not tomorrow. If you're worried you're gonna miss it, then write in on your forehead. I promise that you will remember it then.

In other news, I was watching Grey's Anatomy the other day on my laptop cause I work on Thursday nights and I never get the chance to see it on TV (that's actually not all. I had an out-of-the ordinary rendezvous with an ex-girlfriend that was completely unexpected so I skipped work to grab some food with her). ANYWAYS, there was a song on there that I liked a lot. I posted the video below. It's by Sara Bareilles and Ingrid Michaelson. If you're wondering why that second name sounds familiar, it's because she was our Unsigned Artist from two weeks ago. What a coinkydink. Enjoy.

Unsigned Artist of the Week

If you're a fan of Radiohead, Muse, or Bloc Party, then this week's Unsigned Artist is probably for you.

Audrye Sessions is a four-piece indie band out of Livermore, California. Headed by Ryan Karazija, whose crooning voice is most easily compared to Thom Yorke, the band has been playing together since 2002 and has performed at notable music festivals such as Live 105's BFD Summer Concert and SXSW in Austin, Texas.

Now, Audrye Sessions technically isn't unsigned. You may find that this semester's shows will feature artists that are more "undiscoverd" rather than "unsigned." With that said, the band is signed to Black Seal, a small division of Sony, and for good reason. It is through Black Seal that they released a self-titled EP in 2008 and plan on putting out a full-length on February 17th.

To get started, just hit up their myspace--there honestly isn't a poor song in their player. In "Turn Me Off" Karizija's vocals backed by a smooth but oddly crunchy guitar will give you your Thom Yorke fix. "New Year's Day" is an honest, emotional acoustic ballad that's not worth missing. And for fans of Elliott Smith, a slower, stripped-down version of "Waltz #2 (XO) is absolutely a must.

Stay tuned for the release of their upcoming full-length.

Pick up a copy of the latest Alternative Press magazine for a one-page feature on the band.

Yes, we had our show this week....

Despite already being pre-empted by sports twice this semester, we aired only our second episode of The Fleshy Fresh today. In case you weren't there to catch the magic, here are some highlights:

The Fleshy Flashback: Fountains of Wayne - "Stacy's Mom"
Love is For Losers: Homegrown - "I'm Not in Love With You"
The Unsigned Band of the Week: Audrye Sessions
Stephanie Barrak's sweet in-studio performance!

More on Audrye Sessions to come.

Check out our thoughts on Sunday night's 51st Annual Grammy's below...