Unsigned Artist of the Week: Progress In Color

If you're thinking that the people in this picture look like only a couple of little kids, you're gonna be really surprised when you listen to their music.

The four members that make up Progress In Color are from Oklahoma, but you wouldn't think so listening to their music. There are no country roots, no head-exploding twangs, and no talk about lost trucks, girlfriends, or dead dogs.

What's amazing is the following these kids have received. Thank you YouTube and Myspace. Their following, though, is not unfounded. They manage a crafty blend of music that is both catchy and insightful. Thanks to their singer, Caleb, the smooth sound of his vocals perfectly compliments the relaxing, mood-setting tone created by the rest of the band members.

You can stop by their myspace if you like, but honestly, their best songs aren't up there. Below is "It's A Plague." You'd be a fool not to watch the video. This link goes to another of their songs, "Breathing," also worth listening to. And while you're at youtube, check out their Cutting Crew cover of "(I Just) Died In Your Arms."