Unsigned Artist of the Week

Last Thursday, we had a great show. We reminisced with "Carousel" as our Countdown to Blink 182 and got angry along with Bayside and their song, "Guardrail," reminding us that Love is For Losers. We also played some new music from AFI and Paramore.

We ended the show with our Unsigned Artist of the Week. However, this week's artist just got signed a few months ago. So, we'll call them our "as-of-now-undiscovered-but-soon-to-be-huge artist of the week." I say that because they're scheduled to go on tour with Paramore this fall and so far nearly the entire tour is sold out (including at the Boston House of Blues--fuck!).

From Fenton, Michigan, these four kids are down to earth, middle-american dudes. Watch one of their youtube videos where they just screw around, and you'll fall in love with their personalities before you even listen to their music.

Fans of The Gaslight Anthem and Bruce Springsteen's rougher edge ought to love The Swellers for their blue-collar, hard-working punk rock.

Get started with their myspace, www.myspace.com/theswellers, and listen to "Welcome Back Riders." Then, take a trip back to their beginning days with their song "Bottles": watch the music video here.