100 Bands You Ought to Know

I highly suggest that you go to your nearest bookstore, newspaper stand, record shop, or wherever it is you like to get magazines and pick up the latest issue of Alternative Press. They've come out with their 100 Bands to watch in 2009 and it's quite the rundown. Don't miss out.


Show Re-cap 2/23/09

So here's the skinny:

Unsigned Artist of the Week: Your Sweet Uncertainty (more to come later).
The Fleshy Flashback: Taking Back Sunday - Cute Without the 'E' (Cut From the Team) (screw them for taking their music video off of youtube).
Love is For Losers: Against Me! - Cavalier Eternal.
Blink 182 Countdown: What's My Age Again.

Next week's tentative musical guest: Allison Francis!

Here's the beats. Can you tell where a drastic change occurred?

1. Loquat - Harder Hit
2. Beautiful Small Machines - Robots In Love
3. Brand New - Logan to Government Center
4. Les Fleur De Lis - Hold On
5. Blink 182 - What's My Age Again
6. Cursive - Some Red Handed Sleight Of Hand
7. Ben Kweller - Fight
8. Beck - Paper Tiger
9. Taking Back Sunday - Cute Without the E
10. Thursday - In Silence
11. Street To Nowhere - Screamin
12. Against Me! - Screaming
13. Your Sweet Uncertainty - Hey Baby
14. Your Sweet Uncertainty - Thoughts of Time
15. Silversun Pickups - Rusted Wheel
16. Fratellis - Everybody Knows you Cried Last Night
17. Supergrass - Alright
18. Pulp - Disco 2000
19. Blondie - Heart of Glass
20. The Virgins - Rich Girls
21. Prince Far I - Foundation Stepper
22. Peter Tosh - No Sympathy

Unsigned Artist of the Week: Dave Smallen

The first time I saw Dave Smallen perform was in 2007. He was on tour with his band Street To Nowhere, for which he was the lead-singer, and they were opening for Straylight Run at a now-demolished venue in Boston near Fenway Park. Now, I've seen my fair share of concerts, so I know what a good opening band is and I know what a piss-poor opening band is. Let me tell you that Street To Nowhere is a great opening band. I still remember exactly the way they launched into their first song and which song it was: "Screaming," off of their debut album Charmingly Awkward.

Unfortunately, Street To Nowhere is no longer a band. I don't know the full details about the break-up, but the important thing is that Dave Smallen maintained all the rights to the album (which has some great songs on it) and is continuing on his own.

Not long ago, Smallen released his first single: "America." The song has a strong message that outlines his frustrations with society as it is in this country. Apart from being politically fiery, Smallen's music is poignant and honest, sometimes to the point of brutality. He is most easily compared to Conor Oberst because of the way that his voice often passionately quivers giving his songs that edge; you know that way that Bright Eyes songs are more about the feeling than the music...it's like that, but usually more easy on the ears.

If you go to his myspace you will find a Leonard Cohen cover, his single, and a number of songs from the Street To Nowhere days (check out "They're Not Like Us" and "Tipsy"). Go to his website to download "America" for free. Oh, and don't miss this internet-savvy guy's blog.

Tuesday Show Re-cap

Greetings. I hope this finds you in good health. If you missed Tuesday's show, don't feel bad. The change in schedules confuses even me. Here's the quick re-cap. We'll touch on some of the finer points a little bit later.

In studio performance by Katie Uva (I will post videos later!).
Unsigned Artist of the Week: Dave Smallen (more information on him later).
The Fleshy Flashback: "Around the World" by ATC and "Tubthumping" by Chumbawamba
Love is For Losers: "Instant Pleasure" by Rufus Wainwright

Below is the playlist for the show in case there was something you liked and want to find. Stay tuned, much more to come!

1. Jack's Mannequin - Dark Blue
2. Loquat - Harder Hit
3. Michael Jackson - Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough
4. Chumbawamba - Tubthumping
5. ATC - Around the World
6. Fountains of Wayne - Sink to the Bottom
7. MGMT - Electric Eel
8. Carolina Liar - I'm Not Over
9. Brighten - Ready When You Are
10. Sara Bareilles (with Ingrid Michaelson) - Winter Song
11. The Kinks - Waterloo Sunset
12. The Honorary Title - Apologize
13. Sea Wolf - Winter Windows
14. Rufus Wainwright - Instant Pleausre
15. Conor Oberst - Milk Thistle
16. Dave Smallen - America
17. Dave Smallen - They're Not Like Us
18. Northstar - Rigged and Ready
19. Hollis Brown - Passin' Me By
20. Blink 182 - Down

Mondays Become Tuesdays

First off, let's talk about scheduling...

If Boston University was a human being, it would be a really arrogant human being who thinks that the world revolves around him. Probably a jock of some sort (most likely a hockey player) with an over-inflated ego. I say this because Boston University thinks it has the power to change what day it is. Oh, tomorrow's a Monday, right? WRONG. In the world of BU, tomorrow is a Tuesday; and yes, Tuesday is a Monday. SO....

That means that this week's Fleshy Fresh will air on Tuesday, not tomorrow. If you're worried you're gonna miss it, then write in on your forehead. I promise that you will remember it then.

In other news, I was watching Grey's Anatomy the other day on my laptop cause I work on Thursday nights and I never get the chance to see it on TV (that's actually not true...at all. I had an out-of-the ordinary rendezvous with an ex-girlfriend that was completely unexpected so I skipped work to grab some food with her). ANYWAYS, there was a song on there that I liked a lot. I posted the video below. It's by Sara Bareilles and Ingrid Michaelson. If you're wondering why that second name sounds familiar, it's because she was our Unsigned Artist from two weeks ago. What a coinkydink. Enjoy.

Unsigned Artist of the Week

If you're a fan of Radiohead, Muse, or Bloc Party, then this week's Unsigned Artist is probably for you.

Audrye Sessions is a four-piece indie band out of Livermore, California. Headed by Ryan Karazija, whose crooning voice is most easily compared to Thom Yorke, the band has been playing together since 2002 and has performed at notable music festivals such as Live 105's BFD Summer Concert and SXSW in Austin, Texas.

Now, Audrye Sessions technically isn't unsigned. You may find that this semester's shows will feature artists that are more "undiscoverd" rather than "unsigned." With that said, the band is signed to Black Seal, a small division of Sony, and for good reason. It is through Black Seal that they released a self-titled EP in 2008 and plan on putting out a full-length on February 17th.

To get started, just hit up their myspace--there honestly isn't a poor song in their player. In "Turn Me Off" Karizija's vocals backed by a smooth but oddly crunchy guitar will give you your Thom Yorke fix. "New Year's Day" is an honest, emotional acoustic ballad that's not worth missing. And for fans of Elliott Smith, a slower, stripped-down version of "Waltz #2 (XO) is absolutely a must.

Stay tuned for the release of their upcoming full-length.

Pick up a copy of the latest Alternative Press magazine for a one-page feature on the band.

Yes, we had our show this week....

Despite already being pre-empted by sports twice this semester, we aired only our second episode of The Fleshy Fresh today. In case you weren't there to catch the magic, here are some highlights:

The Fleshy Flashback: Fountains of Wayne - "Stacy's Mom"
Love is For Losers: Homegrown - "I'm Not in Love With You"
The Unsigned Band of the Week: Audrye Sessions
Stephanie Barrak's sweet in-studio performance!

More on Audrye Sessions to come.

Check out our thoughts on Sunday night's 51st Annual Grammy's below...

Grammys 2009

The Best of the Grammy's:
1. Radiohead performs "15 Step" with the USC Marching band.
2. M.I.A. performs in one of the coolest pregnant outfits I've ever seen:
3. U2's kick-ass opening performance of their new single, "Get On Your Boots."
4. Jennifer Hudson's emotional but awesome performance.
5. This tribute to the Four Tops.

The Worst of the Grammy's
1. Miley Cyrus proved that, when it comes to teen female pop sensations, Taylor Swift has got an edge on her. Don't believe me? Let her nasaly voice and over-dramatics prove my point.
2. Last I checked mullets weren't cool. And neither is dressing like a disco ball. Kanye West thinks differently.
3. Robert Plant won everything.
4. A terrible collaboration between Kanye West and Estelle (can't find a link for this).
5. Kenny Chesney had to be called upon to perform because Chris Brown was arrested for beating up Rihanna.

Sports Pre-Emption

Sorry Fleshsters! Tomorrow's Show (02-02-09) has been pre-empted by sports.

But tune in next week! We've got some cool new things like the Fleshy Flashback, the Love is For Losers segment, and musical guest, Stephanie Barrak.


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