This says it all:

Unsigned Artist of the Week: Progress In Color

If you're thinking that the people in this picture look like only a couple of little kids, you're gonna be really surprised when you listen to their music.

The four members that make up Progress In Color are from Oklahoma, but you wouldn't think so listening to their music. There are no country roots, no head-exploding twangs, and no talk about lost trucks, girlfriends, or dead dogs.

What's amazing is the following these kids have received. Thank you YouTube and Myspace. Their following, though, is not unfounded. They manage a crafty blend of music that is both catchy and insightful. Thanks to their singer, Caleb, the smooth sound of his vocals perfectly compliments the relaxing, mood-setting tone created by the rest of the band members.

You can stop by their myspace if you like, but honestly, their best songs aren't up there. Below is "It's A Plague." You'd be a fool not to watch the video. This link goes to another of their songs, "Breathing," also worth listening to. And while you're at youtube, check out their Cutting Crew cover of "(I Just) Died In Your Arms."

Show Re-cap 3/23/09

Here's the quick stuff. I'll post more later.

Countdown to Taking Back Sunday's New Again: "You Know How I Do" (the video is an awesome acoustic version.
Countdown to Blink: "All the Small Things."
The Fleshy Flashback: Something Corporate - "Woke Up In a Car."
Love is for Losers: Something Corporate - "Drunk Girl."

Did you know that it's possible to fall from an airplane and survive? People have done it, I swear. Check it out. But don't try it. Until we speak next, enjoy this video with the song, "I'm Safer In an Airplane" by Copeland.


So, as some of you may know, I am the Assistant General Manager of WTBU, the glorious radio station on which the Fleshy Fresh airs. One of my responsibilities as the Ass GM (as I like to call myself) is to be the bright and shining face of the station, a job I love very much (not really). So, when the Community Service Center came to us, as they do every year, looking for us to provide them with dates to be auctioned off, I was, naturally, one of the people chosen to sell my soul for a few bucks.

Here's a picture of me and my good friend Mike Carlos, who will also be whoring it up for charity:

Mike and I are not the only ones, however! If you don't want to pay five bucks for a date with me or Mike (though, I don't know how you could want someone else after seeing the above picture), then here is the list of everyone being auctioned off:

COM Dean - Dean Berkovitz
Brian Fadem (the hot dog--as in, the hot dog and jesus)
Joseph Alexander Rudolph Gerber III
Ross Lichtenberg
Rob Uslan
Michael Carlos
Jen Brown
Katie Latta
Katie Curtin
Vanessa Escobar
Robina Moyer
Ashley Lagas
Sam Kuttner
Zach Kohn
Dan McDade
Noah Wager
Jess Tannhauser
Anne Hetherington
Mark Foelster

If you don't know who a lot of these people are, facebook stalk them or something. You could go all out and have a reconnaissance thing going on and then come to the Date Auction all prepared, knowing exactly whose pants you want to get into. Just a thought.

Here are the details:

This Thursday, March 26th
7:30 p.m.
Conference Auditorium (2nd Floor of the GSU).

Bring a buck or two.

If you want to join the facebook event, click here.

Allison Francis Re-scheduled

Unfortunately, Allison Francis will not be joining us tomorrow on The Fleshy Fresh. However, she will grace us with her presence next Monday, March 30th.

We still have a good show lined up for you tomorrow. Until then, check out this eerie song by Sufjan Stevens about a serial killer in Illinois.

Unsigned Artist of the Week: Sean Fournier

Sean Fournier is a nice guy. He's a really really nice guy. He recorded an album and now he's giving it away for free. In fact, all you need to do (and what you really should do) is go to his website,, submit your email address and download Oh My right now. It is absolutely worth the space on your hard drive.

There really isn't a bad song out of the collection of indie-pop songs Fournier has written, but the highlights are "Another Like You," "Hurricane," and "Goodbye."

If you're not willing to sacrifice the space on your computer without listening to if first then head to his myspace:

Give it a shot. Would I ever lead you astray?

The Home Stretch

Can you believe that we only have a handful of shows left before this semester is over? Cause I can't. Every day seems like an eternity. Our futile existence will never end! Alas, that is not true, our end is sight.

Anyways, here's a re-cap of our show from today. Next week: Allison Francis! And our new segment (stay tuned...oh snap!).

Blink 182 Countdown: Enema of the State's "Going Away to College"
The Fleshy Flashback: Death Cab For Cutie - "Title and Registration"
Love is for Losers: Bright Eyes - "Lover I Don't Have to Love"
Unsigned Artist of the Week: Sean Fournier (more to come).

Keep it fresh. Keep your flesh.

Monday Eyes

It has been two weeks since The Fleshy Fresh has aired. Last week was spring break and the week before that BU had a snow day; hence, everything was shut down, even programming at WTBU.

Nowadays, people have the attention span of a goldfish, so I'm sure that in just two weeks you've forgotten about us. But we haven't forgotten about you.

Tomorrow we return. Tomorrow we start the turn around 3rd base, we start the final boarding call, we turn the key as we power our way through the end of the semester and this school year. So don't miss it.

Mondays, 4-6 p.m.
89.3 fm
640 am
IM us!: WTBUradioDJ

Katie Uva Video

Well, it took me forever, but I finally got this video up.

A few weeks ago, the lovely Katie Uva came and paid us a visit on the Fleshy Fresh. She played three songs for us. In this video are two of those songs and some annoying banter on my part in the middle. Enjoy!

Katie Uva on the Fleshy Fresh - Jgerbs

Dave Smallen Follow-Up

Remember Dave Smallen? He was our Unsigned Artist of the Week a few weeks ago.

He's doing an interesting thing. He's decided to release his CD that he recently recorded one track at a time. And you can pick your price per track!

Head on over to this page on his website and you can hear the song and download it if you like.

Like most of his stuff, it's pretty banging. So, I suggest you check it out.

And all those photos you see (including the one in this post) are all pieces of art that he makes himself. What a talented guy.

Unsigned Artist of (Last) Week: Your Sweet Uncertainty

I know, I know. Your Sweet Uncertainty could be one of the worst band names in the history of band names. Even Fucked Up is a better band name.

However, give YSU a listen and you'll see that their talent isn't in naming things (God help their children), but rather in making music.

Your Sweet Uncertainty was founded after the death of The Early November. We all know that Ace went on to create Ace Enders and a Million Different People. I can tell you who isn't one of those one million people: Jeff Kummer.

Jeff was the drummer of The Early November and when they split, he went to his boys from the good ol' days: Grace Period. The band had to change their name, and so they came up with Your Sweet Uncertainty (Grace Period was SO much better).

So, to the point: their tunes. If you head to their myspace, start with these two songs: "Hey Baby," and "Thoughts of Time." I'm afraid that if you don't, you might find the singer's voice really annoying. These two will ease you into it.

There's not much else to say about this band, but if you're a fan of The Early November, Sherwood, and crazy drummers who like getting their ass shaved (I'll give you a dollar if you know what I'm talking about), then you'll probably like Your Sweet Uncertainty.