New Show Date and Time (and a Paramore Video)


The Fleshy Fresh will air this semester from 6 to 8 p.m. every Thursday on WTBU.

In case you forget, this is how you listen:
BUTV Channel 6
89.3 FM
640 AM

Also, here is the new music video for Paramore's "Ignorance." I don't think this band can do anything wrong.

Help, I'm Alive - Metric

Emily Haines and James Shaw of Metric dropped by not too long ago to perform a live, acoustic, in-studio session. I recommend clicking this link and watching them play "Help, I'm Alive," off of their latest album, Fantasies. You can also watch the two of them play "Gimme Sympathy." But the first is a true specialty, marked by the addition of piano part, which is the way Haines originally wrote the song. It is hauntingly delcious. Or deliciously haunting. Whatever.

New Tunes Tuesday (AKA Way Late Wednesday)

I'm sorry. Tuesday disappeared in my life. I have no recollection of it. And somehow it is Wednesday already. Well, it's ok, I still got something for you.

This isn't that new. But Paramore put out a new single relatively recently. It is called "Ignorance," though I must say, I'm not exactly sure why. There is a point in the song where Hayley Williams sings, "Ignorance is your new best friend." But how she got to that conclusion, I'm not really sure.

But we don't enjoy Paramore for their logic. We enjoy them for their music; their catchy, but still heavy, pop-rock.

Anyways, down to the point. There is a video below--not the official music video--that contains the song we're talking about. Give it a listen. If you're a Paramore fan I foresee pleasure in your future. If you are not yet a Paramore fan, I foresee a pleasant surprise in your future.

Until next time,

- Jgerbs

Worthless Self-Promotion

Go to to download my new EP, All I've Got.

Oh, and yeah, it's free.

- Joey

New Tunes Tuesday: The Many Colors of Dave Smallen

Since the last time I mentioned good ol' Dave on this site, he has released TWO new songs. Oh my, we need to catch up more than Helen Keller in music class.

The first is entitled, "All My Life" and can be heard here. With a synth-pop sound in its rocket-launching intro, it stands out from the other songs that made the Waiting for the Pills EP, but with the same peppy-ness, backbone, and perfect blend of acoustic-rock that is Dave Smallen.

This is what Smallen has to say about the second song, "With the Sky All Blue": "Wrote this song for a Crayola commercial and it was rejected for being 'too dark.'" Click here to figure out what he means.

Blind Meter

"What it is and where it stops nobody knows.

You gave me a life I never chose.

I wanna leave but the world won't let me go."