Just Announced - Jarrod Gorbel on the Fleshy Fresh!

Good news Fleshers! Jarrod Gorbel (formerly of The Honorary Title) will be dropping by the WTBU studios for our show on March 18th. We'll chat with him and he'll play a couple songs for us right at 6:00 p.m. EST. If you have questions for the interview let us know.

He is playing at the Middle East that very same day. In the meantime, check out his songs at his myspace.

(photo is copyright Amanda Klaus).

Jeremy Messersmith on Daytrotter

If you at all believe that you are someone who enjoys good singer-songwriters, then you NEED to go to Daytrotter in order to listen to his live set. In any event, Daytrotter is a great website that everyone should know of.

New Tunes Tuesday - Dave Smallen

Check out the new video for Dave Smallen's song "Happiness" below.

Tonight Tonight!

This week on the fleshy fresh we have new music from Xiu Xiu and Taking Back Sunday, a hearty debate about athletes in the Olympics with questionable gender, some tributes to a retiring musician, and as always, some good honest music.

6-8 p.m. EST (in less than an hour from now)
BU TV Channel 6

Let us know you're listening and get a shout out at the end of the show!

New Tunes Wednesday - Paramore

Paramore released another new video for "The Only Exception" off of their latest album, Brand New Eyes. The story of the video follows the story of the song pretty well. Check it out on their website: paramore.net.

New Tunes Tuesday - Dub FX

Dub_FX. Everything is his voice. Rather than try to explain it anymore just listen.

Go check him out on youtube if you don't believe that everything is his voice.

Grammy's Shmammy's

I'd really like to go on a rant about my disappointment with the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards that occurred last night. But instead, I'm pointing you to the article in the Muse of the Daily Free Press, because it pretty much captures my thoughts.

I will say this though. I have nothing against Taylor Swift. She has found a niche within the pop/country music world that people have clearly fallen in love with; and that is not debatable. However, when she is up against Beyonce and Lady Gaga, by no means should she be the one to come out on top. THIS WAS THE YEAR OF LADY GAGA. And that, my friends, is undeniable.

Click here to read the Daily Free Press article about the Grammy's by Muse editor Dan Rys.