With Every Day


With Every Day

I had a dream when I was only 9
I'd be a pitcher for the Braves
And they'd pull me from the bullpen
Every time they need a save
But that all changed
When I discovered I
I couldn't throw a strike to save my life
And now the only save i make is in my wallet every night.

i had a dream when i was 17
i'd be a rockstar and i'd know
what the women taste like
in every city that i'd go
But that all changed
When I woke up one day
And found I lost my voice
Now I write shitty poetry
'cause it's my only choice.

I had a dream when I turned 21
I'd finally see the end
Of everything I'm supposed to want
And a big and comfortable bed
But it's a lie.
I only made it up and left it in my head
So I could feel A little better
With every day I wasn't dead.