New Tunes Tuesday (AKA Way Late Wednesday)

I'm sorry. Tuesday disappeared in my life. I have no recollection of it. And somehow it is Wednesday already. Well, it's ok, I still got something for you.

This isn't that new. But Paramore put out a new single relatively recently. It is called "Ignorance," though I must say, I'm not exactly sure why. There is a point in the song where Hayley Williams sings, "Ignorance is your new best friend." But how she got to that conclusion, I'm not really sure.

But we don't enjoy Paramore for their logic. We enjoy them for their music; their catchy, but still heavy, pop-rock.

Anyways, down to the point. There is a video below--not the official music video--that contains the song we're talking about. Give it a listen. If you're a Paramore fan I foresee pleasure in your future. If you are not yet a Paramore fan, I foresee a pleasant surprise in your future.

Until next time,

- Jgerbs