Show Re-cap, Maria Taylor, and Making the Time Pass By

Hi Peeps. Here's the rundown for yesterday's show:

TBS Countdown: "Cute Without the e (Acoustic)" from Punk Goes Acoustic Vol. 1
Countdown to Blink: Reckless Abandon from Take off Your Pants and Jacket
Love is for Losers: Maria Digby - "Girlfriend"
Fleshy Flashback: June - "If Kenneth Could Speak"

Our unsigned artist of the week was none other than the lovely Jenny Owen Youngs. She put out a new EP called Led To the Sea. We'll have more on her later, but until then, stop by her website and visit her on iTunes.

Also, for your viewing pleasure, and in honor of Maria Taylor's show at the Great Scott tomorrow night, here is her video for "Time Lapse Lifeline." Got any questions you want answered by MT? Let me know!