So, as some of you may know, I am the Assistant General Manager of WTBU, the glorious radio station on which the Fleshy Fresh airs. One of my responsibilities as the Ass GM (as I like to call myself) is to be the bright and shining face of the station, a job I love very much (not really). So, when the Community Service Center came to us, as they do every year, looking for us to provide them with dates to be auctioned off, I was, naturally, one of the people chosen to sell my soul for a few bucks.

Here's a picture of me and my good friend Mike Carlos, who will also be whoring it up for charity:

Mike and I are not the only ones, however! If you don't want to pay five bucks for a date with me or Mike (though, I don't know how you could want someone else after seeing the above picture), then here is the list of everyone being auctioned off:

COM Dean - Dean Berkovitz
Brian Fadem (the hot dog--as in, the hot dog and jesus)
Joseph Alexander Rudolph Gerber III
Ross Lichtenberg
Rob Uslan
Michael Carlos
Jen Brown
Katie Latta
Katie Curtin
Vanessa Escobar
Robina Moyer
Ashley Lagas
Sam Kuttner
Zach Kohn
Dan McDade
Noah Wager
Jess Tannhauser
Anne Hetherington
Mark Foelster

If you don't know who a lot of these people are, facebook stalk them or something. You could go all out and have a reconnaissance thing going on and then come to the Date Auction all prepared, knowing exactly whose pants you want to get into. Just a thought.

Here are the details:

This Thursday, March 26th
7:30 p.m.
Conference Auditorium (2nd Floor of the GSU).

Bring a buck or two.

If you want to join the facebook event, click here.