New Tunes Tuesday - Giant Drag

I haven't heard from this band in a very, very long time. So, it is with great joy that I re-introduce Giant Drag, the musical collaboration between vocalist/guitarist Annie Hardy and drummer/synth player, Micah Calabrese.

This is not pop music! It's probably best that you know that going into it. Scroll down and check out the video, which perfectly mirrors the song by Giant Drag and the genre that they fall into. What I'm talking about is hard to describe, but I think the words melancholy disasterpiece might do it some justice. It's rough, it's got an edge, but it's also haunting and addicting. You can hear real desperation in Hardy's voice, and I think the video does an excellent job putting that feeling--when everything seems to be slowly, beautifully falling apart--into moving pictures.

Giant Drag released a full record a few years ago called Hearts and Unicorns, and I absolutely recommend it. You can watch the music video for the single off of Hearts, "This Isn't It," right here.

As for now, check out the new music video. The song is called "Stuff to Live For" and it will be out on the Swan Song EP in October.

Stuff to Live For from G.J. Echternkamp on Vimeo.