UNsigned Band of the Week

Happy finals week all you fleshys!
So I'm not too sure if an unsigned band of the week has already been crowned but I found one that ain't too shabby in my opinion.
I present to you...

Lights Resolve

Fresh out of New York, this unsigned band acts and seems like a signed band on the cusp of making it big. Lights Resolve has been featured on the New York Post's website, produced several music videos, and has an active fan club, not to mention Last Lights will be co-headlining in a East Coast tour next month [Boston stop: January 12 @ the Middle East]
Check out Last Light's music video for Another Five Days It's full of symbolism and has some sort of meaning but because I have 3 finals left to tackle, I'll leave it up to you to decipher the video.


Happy listening and Happy almost-winter break!!