Top 5 of 05 [+3]

Yo...Justin [aka Pedro] the intern here...
So there are millions of top 5 albums of 2008 going around so I might as well add mine...

1)MGMT- Oracular Spectacular- Its catchy and its frrrrresh [like our show]..a perfect combination

2)The Academy Is...- Fast Times At Barrington High -The Academy is back! and it was gooood!

3) Tokyo Police Club- Elephant Shell - Yeah the average song might be 2:30 long but its 2 and a half minutes of catchy, foot stompin muzac.

4) Carolina Liar- Coming To Terms -Its pretty new but each track is so different that it just shot straight up to number 4.

5) Kings of Leon- Only By The Night - A bit different from their previous album and caused me to shout YOUR SEX IS ON FIRE! at random T stops for months.