The Fleshy Finale

Gosh, I love alliteration.

Yesterday's show was all over the place, like most of our shows. Apart from being our last official broadcast of the semester, we also had the fortunate opportunity to talk with Kylee Swenson from the band Loquat. Kylee is a very honest and insightful person and she was willing to talk to us about seemingly everything involving the process of recording Loquat's new record, what it's like being married to Anthony Gordon, the band's bassist, the status of the music industry, and how to get started as an inspiring musician. A big thanks goes out to her for taking time out of her day to talk with us! Check out some more information on our interview about I will post an mp3 of the interview soon. Stay tuned!

Check out Loquat's new album, Secrets of the Sea by visiting iTunes, their myspace, or Start off with the ethereal sounding, Bjork-reminiscent "Harder Hit" and move on down to "Swingset Chain" (which was featured on One Tree Hill many moons ago).

While Monday's show was technically the last regularly scheduled broadcast, we will have one last send-off before 2009 comes and smacks us in the face: Friday, December 19th, from 4-6 p.m. as always, on

Don't be a stranger. Stay safe out there.