Unsigned Band of the Week

For the past two weeks, we featured the same artist as our unsigned band of the week. Was it because they are that damn good or just because we're lazy? Perhaps both.

Beautiful Small Machines
come from the Big Apple and is the band-backed product of Bree Sharp's solo work. She teamed up with the man behind her in this picture, who apparently goes by the name Rocket del Fuego. Whatever you wanna call him, together they've created a refreshing, crisp sound that indie-lovers will enjoy as much as anyone who just listens for the hook.

Start off with "Robots In Love" from the album with the same name which was just released and is available at live shows and will soon be on Amazon and iTunes.

Then move on down to "Counting Back to 1." The melodies get a little over the top in "Superconductor," which is riddled with lame analogies you might expect to find in a Britney Spears song (you're on my radar, anyone?). But that is no reason to write them off just yet. Give 'em a try, and if you like them, and will be in New York, check them out at the Bowery Ballroom on December 19.



December 21, 2008 at 4:48 PM

Traveled from philly to check out this new band, beautiful small machines at the bowery ballroom friday nite..well worth the trip.The sound was different from anything i've heard..I guess i would call it "electric rock". The singer,bree sharp has an amazing voice..I'd venture to say some label out there is truly missing out.I bet we see them on Saturday Nite Live or Letterman real soon..Just a gut feeling!!