Unsigned Artist of the Week

This is Ingrid. Ingrid sings songs. Ingrid is very pretty. Ingrid is this week's Unsigned Artist. Listen to Ingrid.

If you are not familiar with Ingrid Michaelson, then this might be the best thing you've encountered in a very long time. Chances are you've heard her music and don't even know it. Her songs have appeared in episodes of Grey's Anatomy, One Tree Hill, and on a number of commercials. She's been on virtually every late night television show and has even appeared as a guest on the Today show. And she's really not signed to a major label? you ask. That's correct.

Straight out of New York, this indie-rock singer-songwriter has been on tour with a number of big-shots like Jason Mraz and Dave Matthews. With her strong but smooth voice and mature song writing, she clearly is someone to take note of.

In 2007 she released her second album, Girls and Boys, which topped out at number 63 on Billboard's Top 200. However, she climbed all the way to number 35 last year with her third album, Be Ok.

The strenght of her repertoire lies in "Die Alone," "Masochist," and "The Way I am" off of Girls and Boys. But make sure you listen to "Keep Breathing," which was not released on an album.

Here are some cool Ingrid links:

"The Way I Am" Music Video (directed by Autumn de Wilde)
"Be Ok" Music Video