In their defense...

woah woah woah...poor Panic At The Disco got quite the lashing in the last post and I gotta disagree Mr.Gerbs.

Unlike most bands, Panic At The Disco (formerly known as Panic! At The Disco) did not have the opportunity to experiment with their true sound via several albums because "I Write Sins Not Tragedy" thrusted the pop/dance/alternative band into the MTV/KISS FM spotlight (also thanks to Peaty-boy Wentz). Sure we loved that catchy, tap-your-foot, audio-crack known as A Fever You Can't Sweat Out but its a lose-lose for the band. Scorn if you do a carbon copy of the freshman album, scorn if you do something totally different. Personally, I'm glad Panic chose the latter. Pretty. Odd. should at least be given credit for their attempt to do something different. Brendan Urie and his amigos got a wisp of a Sargent Pepper vibe and they went with it. Sure not evey song on Pretty. Odd. is something to talk about but Nine In The Afternoon, She's A Handsome Woman, That Green Gentleman, When The Day Met The Night and Northern Downpour are definitely iPod worthy and make you say, "Wait..that's Panic???"

So in conclusion I gotta say, props Panic... not just for making your band name grammatically correct but for trying something new and odd.



January 6, 2009 at 4:10 PM

the real failure in their thinking is that they took the exclamation point out. The band name was much better with it in. Fuck grammar.