The Fleshy Fresh: Coming to the End

When the Fleshy Fresh got started in the beginning months of 2007 it was on a 12-1 a.m. time slot on Sunday mornings. It wasn't even a full 2 hours. The show has seen a lot of changes since its modest beginnings: from a single DJ, to new DJs and interns, to fewer DJs, and new structure. I'm confident now that the Fleshy Fresh is the best it has ever been; I just can't believe that it's coming to the end.

This semester will be the last time The Fleshy Fresh makes the schedule on WTBU (unless a young DJ wants to continue the Best Pop Show at Boston University, but as of now nothing is in the works). So you're not going to want to miss this.

Already planned for this semester are our very own SXSW correspondent, reporting exclusively to us; a re-cap of the best albums of 2009; what to look forward to in 2010; understanding how Ryan Ross killed Panic! At the Disco; and as usual, tons of in-studio performances and special segments. Every episode will be a big bang along a semester of goodbyes.

So stay tuned for some new blog posts in the next few days. Our first broadcast of the longest running show on WTBU will be this Thursday at the same time, 6-8 p.m., only on We'll see you there.

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